What’s on your Social Media Menu?

The concept of curated diets isn’t new, but seems to have recently grown in popularity. Maybe you’re on the Keto diet, or perhaps the Paleo diet. Maybe you’re doing the Whole 30 diet, or you could be like me and live by the “see food” diet.

Social media works the same way (sort of) for integrated marketers. It’s table stakes—we have to consume it—however, the modern era of social media marketing presents so many new and evolving approaches that determining the right “social media menu” can prove difficult, particularly as trends quickly change.

So, what should your social media diet look like? To get you started, here are 3 social media superfoods to consider adding to your menu:

  • Livestreaming: With more consumers trading television time for internet time, livestreaming has emerged as a method of getting audiences to “tune in” and have more personal, unscripted experiences with brands. In fact, according to a survey by Livestream.com and New York Magazine, 82 percent of social media users prefer live video from a brand to social posts. Additionally, LinkedIn recently announced the addition of live video to their platform, a move that mirrors Facebook and Instagram’s live video capabilities, extending the format to a more business-oriented audience.
  • Balancing Humans and Automation: While automation through chatbots has increased over the past year to bring efficiency to interactions, such as FAQs and customer service, social media users still desire authentic human content. Facebook’s pivot in early 2018 to highlight posts from friends over those from companies is a clear barometer for users’ desire to balance relationship-based and branded content—and other social platforms are likely to unofficially follow suit.
  • Snackable Ad Formats: Paid social is the new norm—newsfeeds have become overly crowded, and branded social content more often than not requires paid boosts to cut through the clutter and guarantee reach to target audiences. This necessity has given rise to new snackable visual ad formats; for example, LinkedIn unrolled canvas ads in July 2018, following in Facebook’s footsteps, giving users more opportunities to engage with a brand in one highly-visual ad. Additionally, YouTube’s model of featuring video ads under 10 seconds within their videos is being regularly followed by other social platforms and streaming services.

Ultimately, the right social media approach is dependent on many more factors than simply the trends—e.g., business needs, target audiences, social-ready content and, critically, the resources you can devote.

A one-diet-fits-all approach won’t bring meaningful progress. Consider starting with aspirational thinking—if resources were unlimited, which of these social media superfoods would you make a part of your signature menu? Chances are you can scale the approach, start small with a test and measure to determine which new social media dishes work best for you.

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