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Determining Your Blogging Destiny

Blogs can be a powerful customer acquisition tool, but only if they are done right. Avoid becoming the next abandoned blog by proactively thinking through...

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And, Action! Developing Your Video Strategy

Video is the most important and engaging form of content, but many brands become overwhelmed during the creation process. Join us for a jolt of...

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Work With What You Got: 5 Tips for Repurposing Existing Content

What does the idiom “one’s man trash is another man’s treasure” have to do with content marketing? A lot, as it turns out. While creating...

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SEO Strategy for the Content Junkie (A.K.A. Today’s Integrated Communication & PR Professional)

SEO can provide insights that help communication pros optimize content that searchers (read: consumers) are most likely to click and share. This boosts clients’ website...

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Content Marketing: Is Your Focus in the Right Place?

I recently reached out to the government about automating the payment of my estimated taxes. You’d think, given the government funding woes of late, they...

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9 Tips for Professional Service Firms to Maximize their Website Content

Many professional service firms forget to leverage one of their greatest marketing assets: their intellectual property.  Your ideas, stories and even methodologies are the single...

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