Social media secrets for businesses: Takeaways from #WLW14: Part 2

On April 23, marketing gurus from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and HubSpot presented #WLW14, billed as the “world’s largest webinar,” to share tips for businesses. Read more here

Here are some actionable insights from Jed Clevenger of Facebook, Russ Laraway of Twitter and Scott Engelman of LinkedIn on maximizing your business profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook:


  • Fill out complete and accurate information on your business. It’s common sense, but many businesses neglect to include their URLs, office hours and other critical contact information.
  • Target your posts to sub-sets of your friends and followers. Facebook allows you to target posts to only certain locations (country, state, province, city), or by language, gender, relationship status or age
  • Use free tools like contact importers and friend invites to build your audience
  • Facebook advertisements offer the ability to create “look like” audiences: Businesses can examine the characteristics of their current followers, then ask Facebook to target ads to individuals who look like them.
  • Take full advantage of your page insights, which can show you great information on audience, traffic and post engagement.


  • As your first impression on Twitter, you really want your profile to stand out, Clevenger says, and Twitter has recently launched a new profile to help make an impact.
  • Use your bio in a smart way: Include a URL to your website, store hours, your blog, and whatever else makes it easy for people to find you
  • Draw people in with photos that visually represent your business, such as your logo, latest products, or anything else complementary to the look and feel of your website
  • Don’t forget about mobile. Twitter was born on mobile, and 75 percent of users access it that way. Think of Twitter as the mobile version of your website.
  • Twitter users opt in to follow you with the assumption that they’ll have regular content to keep up with. Feed that expectation or lose them – these users regularly cull the handles they follow.
  • Get found by jumping in and participating in relevant industry conversations around hashtags and topics, and identify and build relationships with thought leaders in your industry.
  • Think about tweeting with the goal of getting a retweet, and you’ll find yourself gaining more relevant followers faster.
  • Don’t just “squat” on a hashtag: Add value.
  • If you’re tweeting something designed to prompt an action or direct response content, don’t distract: For example, tweet a link to your latest newsletter, but leave out any hashtags, @mentions or unrelated images that could distract followers from taking that action.


  • Consider the professional mindset. Your audience is coming to LinkedIn to learn to be great at what they do, to find opportunity, and to grow their careers. Discuss industry best practices, trends and tips.
  • Use strong images, but make sure they’re business-appropriate. Test rich media like images, videos and slideshare to see what resonates
  • Content doesn’t have to be original. It doesn’t even have to be from your company. But it DOES have to be relevant.
  • If you’re considering sponsored updates, start from organic company posts that drove lots of engagement. You already know the content is strong, so this is a good time to sponsor a post that can be targeted to individuals beyond your connections.
  • Invite your network, customers and vendors to follow your page – Remember it’s not just about who you know, but who they know, too.


Image courtesy of HubSpot

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