Digital Marketing Tools: How to Find Your Perfect Fit

Recently, my colleague Arti Patel and I had the pleasure of presenting a webinar on digital marketing tools to Bliss’ partners within the WorldCom Group. If you didn’t have a chance to tune-in, here is a quick overview and some key takeaways from our discussion:

Our webinar, “Goldilocks’ Guide to Digital Marketing Tools,” gave an inside-look at how tools have evolved throughout the years, what types of tools are available right now, and tactics that go into negotiating vendor contracts.

These topics leveled-up to the main take-away from the conversation: The Goldilocks method. This methodology is what we use here at Bliss when considering and evaluating our current and potential tool partnerships—it is all about finding your “perfect fit.”

No two tools are the same, and no two agencies will have the same needs when it comes to the tools they use. The Goldilocks method takes this and marries it with the practice of constantly reevaluating new and existing tool partnerships (along with any changing priorities within your firm) to find the best possible combination of tools for your business.

When considering new tools or evaluating existing contracts, it is critical to acquire feedback on what is or isn’t working, directly from the individuals within your company who are interacting with these tools regularly. By getting insights into what parts of your current tools they love and what they think could work better, you can start to build a framework of what to look for when considering new tools for your company’s toolbelt.

All-in-all, the Goldilocks method can be distilled into three steps: audit, evaluate and update every year. By following these steps and considering the feedback from your team, you can be sure that you are always working with the best possible tools to help your business produce leading results.

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